Our epoxy floors are nonporous, making sure dirt and contaminants stay on the surface. This makes them easier to clean than most other floor coatings as well as more resistant to chemical intrusion. It is essential to properly maintain your epoxy floors on a regular basis to make sure they last as long as they are designed. 


Areas of heavy traffic can become tarnished when dirt and grime is left untouched. To keep an epoxy coated floor clean, it is important to sweep and mop the area at least once a month. 

Cleaning Agents

Using a simple mixture of a PH neutral cleaner, such as Simple Green, diluted with water is recommended for maintaining your epoxy floor. Failing to use a cleaning agent other than that can result in a film build-up on the surface. This film can cause the floor to become extremely slippery when wet and attract more dirt and debris. 

Recommended Cleaning Equipment

  • Rayon Mop – A synthetic fiber mop is better for the epoxy floor than a cotton one because it is less likely to be caught on the surface.
  • Soft-Bristled Brush – Great to use on difficult to remove stains, a soft-bristled brush is best as a hard-bristled brush will damage the surface.
  • Foam Squeegee – Used to remove excess water from the surface after mopping. 
  • Wet-Vacuum – Again, used for removing excess water after mopping or rinsing. 
  • Dry Mop – Best if used for dust removal. 

Cleansers to stay clear of include: 

  • Floor stripping agents
  • Citrus-based cleaners
  • Corrosive chemical degreasers
  • Acids

We do not recommend these agents as they can damage a floor, especially if they  are applied and let to sit for an extended period of time.