Residential Epoxy Metallic Color Flooring

Residential Epoxy Metallic Color Flooring for garages, basements, and homes.

If you are looking for a wild and wonderful way to add value to your home, an epoxy metallic color floor might be the answer! Metallic epoxy is a high-tech compound that creates a 3D effect that can be incorporated into any room of your house. LKN Custom Garage Co. is available to install new metallic color flooring in your garage, interior space, or even a retail store.

We offer a wide range of metallic colors for epoxy floor application. You can guarantee that your floor will not only look great but also be incredibly durable and last for years to come. Allow our team to examine your home and offer you the best solution for a custom metallic color floor.

Metallic color epoxy floor systems can be completed in about three days. If you are interested in having a custom floor created just for you, contact LKN Custom Garage Co. today. We serve the greater Lake Norman area including Huntersville, Mooresville, Denver, and Charlotte.

Advantages to Epoxy Flooring

  • Low Maintenance
  • Damage Resistant
  • Creates Non-Slip Surface
  • Visually Appealing

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      Our Metallic Color Epoxy Application Process

      Step 1


      To begin, we grind about 1/32nd of an inch off of the entire floor to open the pores of the concrete. Additionally, this creates small bumps that give the primer something to grasp to.

      Step 2


      Utilizing an epoxy based crack repair, we will fill all cracks in the concrete to repair them.

      Step 3


      A two-part epoxy water vapor barrier is then applied to the concrete. The primer will fill any minute pores and cracks to create a smooth surface. It is also the base coat of color that will be applied to the floor. 

      Step 4

      Top Coat

      Lastly, we use a urethane top coat that matches the prime coat color. The urethane coating is designed to be tough and will last for many years, no matter how much you spill or work on it. 

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